In 2008 we produced a trial book of 40 pages entitled 'Taunton Trains'. We used software from Blurb.com in order to produce a photographic book detailing Taunton current railway scene. Following many requests we are now pleased to announce the launch of 'Taunton Trains 2'. The new release has taken 70 hours to piece together over several months, and is 80 pages (double the previous book). It includes superb print quality and is available in hardback or soft back options. A preview of 15 pages from this new title can be found on the Blurb.com website, along with details of all of our other previous publications.

Have you seen our first book 'Taunton Trains' published in 2008?

It's often been asked of Taunton Trains, "Why don't you produce a book, with the amount of photos you display on Taunton Trains?" Until now this question has always been shrugged off, however as more and more requests were made we felt it may be possible to produce something as a one off product. We researched most of the common online book creation web sites, but found them to be far to restrictive in what we wanted to produce. However after a chance Email appeared on a well known Yahoogroup we stumbled upon just what we had been looking for. A website which allowed people to produce their own books, with lots of text using various pre made templates which have been really well thought out.

After starting off as an small experiment to work out how we could produce such a publication. The experiment turned into around 50hrs of work creating the book. Sample copies have now arrived and we are more than happy with the printing quality. As a result of this we now are able to launch our first ever book for you to purchase online. In order to keep the costs to a minimum the book has been developed to have 40 pages, and comes in three different formats Hardback/ Dustcover, Softback, and Image wrap. It features the modern railway scene in the Taunton area from 2004 through to 2008.

Both Steam and Diesel photographs have been carefully chosen and arranged in a pleasing layout. If the response is good then there is every chance we will produce more special one off publications in the future. We have been limited to 40 pages because of the costs which are pre determined by the printers. However if the response is good, then there is no reason why 100 pages could not be collated for a future publication.

The book is now available to purchase through Blurb.com from them direct. In order to inspect the book Blurb also offer a facility where you can view the first 15 pages before you purchase online. This allows the user to gain insight into how the book is presented and arranged prior to purchasing. Don't forget if you do decide to purchase a copy PLEASE PLEASE give us some feedback by contacting us at Taunton Trains

10 Years of Digital Photography (Volume 1) charts photos taken on a Canon EOS 10D around the UK, Taunton area and United States of America during 2004 / 2005. The book consists of over 130 pages of colour images to depict the two year period.
10 Years of Digital Photography (Volume 2) charts photos taken on a Canon EOS 10D & Canon EOS 5D around the UK, Taunton area and United States of America during 2006 / 2007. The book consists of over 130 pages of colour images to depict the two year period.